Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sports on the Farm.....

Blogging has always been a hard task for me once the nice weather hits.  So I have been choosing to do it only as I feel like it (that may be as often once a week or once a month).

I never enjoyed sports as a child.  I did high school track one year, but wasn’t all that thrilled with it.  I’m not lazy or inactive, but I prefer a long hike in the woods to running hurdles!!   However I have found that participating in the many sports here on the farm is pretty fun!  Here are the sports I’ve played here at Cornerstone Acres:

 Wrestling – although my partner generally isn’t in my exact weight class I’ve found that wrestling with a 125# Great Pyrenees to get his nails clipped is definitely a work out.  

Football –This is generally a larger team sport, but Greg and I played this game the other day, using REAL pigskin.  Trying to catch little football size piglets so they can be moved from one pen to another would certainly have been a good spectator sport.   We were both laughing so hard trying to catch those little devils and then trying to keep the ones we had already caught from escaping the container we put them in!!

Track – Okay I didn’t like this much in school and I’m not sure I like it now any better.  Most things on a farm are pretty slow pace.  Busy?  Yes.   Fast?  No.   But from time to time when a baby goat screams bloody murder and I don’t know what the situation is, I tend to go a-runnin’!!  Usually there are 10 things in the way between me and the baby – hurdles!!  Of course once I get there, the baby is just missing his or her mom. 

Karate – We had moved our sow, Abra, into a barn stall to farrow.  The stall floor was comprised of cement covered by REAL 2x8 oak boards (thick heavy buggers).  I say WAS, because Abra felt that rooting under the boards and pulling up about half of them was a good idea.  It was near to impossible to re-lay these boards as they should be so I decided that tearing them up would be my best bet.  I pulled up about three and hauled them out to the trailer to be scrapped.  However once I pulled up the fourth one I saw two HUGE spiders go running up the board!   Dropped the board, arms and legs flailing……you know – karate style.   I still had about 20 boards to move…..oh, it was a nightmare.  I must have crushed a dozen or more of them (sorry spider lovers).

Tennis – Here we have more bug related sports.   Rose Chafers are back again in force this year.  I had heard they were on a three year cycle – but somebody didn’t tell the Rose Chafers that.   These little bugs have decimated my comfrey and many of my iris blooms.    Since my garden is actually weeded this year, they seem to be staying away from the beans.   Well these horrid flying buggers almost choke the air at times.  You’ll see any number of people in the yard swinging at them so they don’t land on them.  Just put a racket in their hands and watch the match begin.  OH, that reminds me - I have one of those electric bug zappers shaped like a tennis racket!! Yuck!!

Speaking of weeding gardens, I have to admit that this year weeding has been a much easier chore than any of my previous years in gardening.   I think there is a good reason (or two) for this.  Firstly, the vegetable garden was so nicely prepared by the pigs that the weeds haven’t been as bad in there.  Secondly, even though the pigs haven’t been in the herb, corn or asparagus gardens – they help me keep it weeded by motivation alone.  It is nice to accomplish two things with one task.  I weed my gardens and feed the pigs!! They absolutely love the weeds and grasses I throw to them each day.  Even the chickens are getting lots of weeds this year since they are stuck in the chicken run until our newly planted grass is well established.

Well, unfortunately today is a work day…..I must go get ready.  Have I told y’all lately that I really prefer working at home?  **sigh**
Until next time.....

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