Monday, April 30, 2012

Wasted days and wasted nights........

....are all a matter of perspective!!
Take today for example.  I had plans to accomplish an entire weeks worth of work in one day.  Lofty goal, but pretty much a pipe dream.  First thing I decide instead to brush out the Pyrenees and play with baby goats.  I come inside and say to myself, "Wow did I waste my morning!"  Then I begin thinking.  Did I accomplish something?  Yes - I brushed the dogs, tamed some "wild" baby goats, got some exercise and lowered my blood pressure.   See I never even realized I had accomplished ALL that until after I was done!! 
Right now, I should be out digging into that long list of chores I have, but instead I'm starting this blog.  Seems to me I'm probably wasting more of my morning.  But no, I am really educating the masses, eating my lunch and justifying my procrastination.  See, all a matter of perspective.

Well, for now I AM going to head out and start on something from the dreaded "list".  I will just save this post for now and add more of my non-wasteful wisdom this evening.

Well it is no longer yesterday and is now today.  As usual I never got as much done as I was hoping.  But I did not waste the day.  I finally got the bucks gate fixed, trimmed up the feet on the last couple of does, practiced my ninja moves, slaughtered and cleaned my first chicken and weeded two more sections of my herb garden. 

You may be asking yourself  "ninja moves"?   Well here is the story.  I decided that while fixing the gate on the bucks pasture I would just let them roam with the horses.  Usually this is not an issue and although they didn't bother the horses they were quite curious as to what I was doing.  I pulled the entire gate and connected post right out of the ground and just set it aside while I set about reattaching the fence to the side of the horses lean-to.  Well I guess Challenger thought that the gate on the ground needed to be taught a lesson.  He picked the gate and the post up off the ground with his horns and began swinging!! He was so proud of himself for conquering that gate.  However this is a 6 foot tube gate attached to an 8x5 wooden post!! Needless to say - quite a dangerous weapon!! With stealth and ninja like moves (and not very lady-like words) I removed the gate from his head.  Poor Challenger and Charger had to spend the rest of the repair session locked in the horse stall. 

Guess what's on the menu tomorrow night?  CHICKEN!!  We raised some heritage breeds last year and took them to the Amish ladies to have the butchered and cleaned.  That worked out very well for us.  However this year I bought some Cornish Rocks.  I noticed one with an injured leg the day before yesterday.  Instead of letting him suffer until we could bring them all to the Amish again, I decided to slaughter him here.  We have a slaughtering cone attached to a fence post with a drip bucket underneath.  Greg "did the deed" and I plucked.  I tore the skin on the breast so we ended up skinning him.   All in all it worked out pretty smoothly and I think we will do a few more here.  If all goes well I will just finish them up and be done with them.

I have a few hours today before I have to head into work.  I'm going to try and at least check one or two things off my list despite the rain.

Until next time.....

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