Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New CATegory of blog post........

I suppose when your children are young you feel compelled to take tons of pictures of their tiny little smiling faces, their angelic poses in sleep or even their adorable and unforgettable toddler tantrums.  I know I did.  Of course back then I didn't have a digital camera that allowed me to photograph hundreds of shots a day.  Now that I do, my son is grown and on his own.   What will I fill my camera and computer memory with now?  OH,  I know - how about adorable kittens?  More specifically - Seven our newest "baby" in our home.  She constantly amazes me as to how cute she can be, how profoundly perfect she can make sleeping look and how often she can make me laugh.
 I thought I would share just a few of those hundreds of photographs and their stories with you.

Seven decided she wanted to try her hand at being a thief and stole my egg money off the table.
Cat Burglar

At Christmas time I had a small sleigh out on the coffee table for decoration...Seven thought playing Santa might be fun.
Santa Claws

 We watch a lot of Bonanza around here...enough said?
Seven CATwright

She is constantly climbing on anything and everything.  For awhile my dresser was her favorite place.
Puss n' Boots

Then when the Christmas decorations when up.....she changed her MO.


Not only does she like to play and climb in unusual places, she liked to sleep in them as well. 

Copy CAT

When Christmas rolls around - all the animals must participate.  Like it or not.
CAT in the hat

I have found that cats are much easier to entertain that children...well maybe they are the same.  Lately she hasn't been able to stay off the computer.

And what toddler worth their weight doesn't like the packaging better than the gift?
Who let the CAT out of the bag?

After finding things to amuse herself alone, she usually decides to find a friend.  Despite the fact that she is drastically outweighed she fears nothing, even a JRT. (NOTE:  Turn on your sound!!)
                                         Dog CATcher

And lastly, she gives an amazing amount of love!!

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