Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Name the Guardian Angel

Or name the new puppy to be specific.  The newest addition to our farm is going to be a BEAUTIFUL Great Pyrenees female puppy from Rebelwood Farms in Fremont, MI.   This little sweetie will be a constant companion for both our goats and our family.  As she matures she will help protect our goats from predators. 

We will be picking her up on 1/14/12 and will add pictures on the blog then, but you are welcome to make submissions anytime!!

Here are the general contest "rules": 
Have fun!!
Keep it clean!!

Contest guidelines for the "Name the Guardian Angel" contest:
1) I would like to have a name of strength.  It can be either a feminine form or a masculine form. 
2) Maybe a name related to guardians, warriors, protectors...something along those lines. 
3) It could be a name related to her looks/coloring (picture future looks - great big polar bear LOL)
4) Remember she is a dog....I need a name that is both decent for the neighbors to hear and is easy to use.  If it's a long name then perhaps including a possible "nickname" would be helpful. 
5) If submitting an unusal name please include the definition and if needed, the pronunciation. 
6) Submit as many choices as you like.  If two or more submissions of the same name are submitted, only the person who submitted it first will be considered the winner.  (time/date stamps on comment posts will be used to determine "first" poster)

PRIZE:  A gift basket of MY choice (check out our website at www.cornerstoneboers.webs.com for ideas of what you might get) sent (or delivered) to you!!

Contest will be shorter than usual as I would like to get this little lady named as soon as possible.
Contest begins:  TODAY 1/10/12 
Contest ends:  1/18/12
I will try and make Winner annoucement on 1/19/12


  1. So far we have:

    ZORA from Laura P.

    BREEZE from Pam (Birdie)

  2. Power/mighty/angel - Candace

    Tai (great)

    Tegan (celtic name meaning Doe)

    Tillie (mighty in battle)

    Kasimira (commands peace)