Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pregnant or Not Pregnant?

Here we go Ladies and Gentlemen, another contest!! 
Big prizes and lots of fun....
I have posted pictures of our goats (mostly belly shots) on our Facebook page.  We would love for you to try your hand at guessing their due dates.  With the use of three very young new bucks this year we have quite a large window of time that our girls were with our boys.   Kidding can be anywhere from January 8th to the middle of May.  Of all the goats pictured only ONE are we certain of pregnancy status. 

1) You may only have one qualifying guess per goat. I will post updated pictures periodically, if you change your guess when looking at updated photos, ONLY the most recent guess will count.  Goats are listed by number.  There are 10 goats total to guess on.  There are multiple pictures of each goat. 
2) Only EXACT dates will count
3) If two contestants guess the same date, ONLY the first guess counts (there can not be two winners per goat so if somebody has already guessed a date before you, please try again)
4)You may only win once (if you guess correctly on more than one goat I can not "double" your prize)
5) I reserve the right to "close" guessing at anytime. Tentatively at this time I will close the guessing around mid January.
6) Please remember I really have no idea if any of the goats are actually bred (except one) and have no idea of expected kidding dates except as noted above.

(your choice of one, dependant on availability)
1) a 25% discount on any ONE goat I list for sale
2) an assortment of laying hens (and a rooster or two if you choose)
3) a Satin rabbit OR a Satin/Checkered Giant/New Zealand cross rabbit (gender depends on availability)
4) an assortment of heirloom tomato, pepper and bean seeds (and a bad full of rabbit poo if you want it)

 (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit your guesses on our FB album instead of here, thank you!!)

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