Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pictures of plentiful plants...... (and a couple other things)

After my last post with lots of info on the garden I thought I should back it up with a few pictures. Not much to say today, but a few things to show you.
Brave Bob the Barn Cat, came up on the deck and introduced himself to Seven.

It is all together with a bit of fiber ready to work....just going to try again when I have a bit more time. 
The three sisters in action: Corn, Polebean, and Pumpkin....getting along quite well I might add. 

 Volunteer squash/gourd of some sort.  I have about four others like it.  I also allowed about 7-8 volunteer tomatoes to grow this year as well.  Maybe next year I should treat the volunteers as weeds, but it is so much fun seeing what comes out of these plants.  The gourds and squash may not taste good to me, but the pigs seem to like any I throw in to them.  I had baskets full of decorative gourds last year that after the fall season went to some very happy piggies. 

Note to self:  make aisles between raised beds WIDER!!

First squash and zuke harvest!!

Potatoes doing very well.

Bird house gourd reaching for the heavens....I'm going to have to train it along the fence a bit...horizontal instead of vertical.  That's a hotwire just above it.

THIS is the heirloom squash from H-E- double hockey sticks!! It is about 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 4 feet high!!  The stem right at the ground is only slightly smaller around than a Folgers coffee can! 

Purple Royalty Beans.  From the SMALL handful I was able to salvage from the Rose Chafers last year I found them to be very tasty.   Baring any catastrophies, I should have a pretty good harvest this year.

A close up of a baby purple bean....

A sea of tomatoes....lots of blossoms and plenty of green tomatoes already.

Not the best angle, but here are my broccoli plants, my brussels sprouts directly behind them and the cabbage are behind that.....and finally against the fence you will see some of my sunflowers.

Another note to self: PLEASE plant rows farther apart as well.  Here we have summer squash on the right. (See the cute little volunteer tomatoe in there?) Purple beans in the center, spaghetti squash on the left and a sunflower in the foreground.

One of my pepper plant rows (eggplant on the very far end).  One of the very few rows that are NOT so big I can't get around it!! 

It may look over grown and unruly (which it IS) but it's all vegetables, Baby!! No weeds this year!! Hard work DOES pay off!!

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